Studio B, Co-Founder, Executive Producer, Writer/Performer

Studio B is a non-profit art house serving the NYC area. At Studio B, we work hard to encourage, promote, and produce artists' work, develop collaborations, and launch new projects. We're known for creating one-of-a-kind, sold-out, begging-for-more shows that--while quenching our creative thirst--bring the community together and make us proud. Since inception seven years ago, Studio B has produced over fifty events, working with playwrights like Obie Award winner Ethan Lipton, to performance artists (Michael ArenellaRene Lopez, Milton) to Broadway entertainers (David Josefsberg, Sandy Rustin, Charlie Pollock), to the host of PBS' Marketplace David Brancaccio, to Peabody winner and Studio 360 co-creator Julie Burstein

Mars Patel LLC, Executive Producer, Writer/Director

Peabody Award Winner.  The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel is a 10-part adventure mystery about a group of sixth graders who go looking for their missing friends, and find a lot more than they expected. In 2016, Mars Patel was named by The Guardian as one of the top 50 podcasts in the world. The series has been jointly optioned for television by Paramount Studios and Anonymous Content. Look for season three in 2018, when we will conclude Mars Patel's journey and solve the central mystery of the show. To the stars!


The Gonk, Creator, Facilitator

THE GONK is a literary salon inspired by Dorothy Parker and the infamous Algonquin Circle. For ten years and counting, playwrights, poets, screenwriters, essayists, satirists, journalists, and novelists share their work in a curated but casual environment. Participants include NY Times Multimedia Producer Kassie Bracken, Tina Kelley (NY Times reporter, bestselling author), Rich Maloof (columnist for MSN, former editor-in-chief of Guitar Magazine), Daniel Wright (comedian, publisher of website Patently Silly featured on The Graham Norton Show), and Jacob Lambert (Associate Editor at MAD Magazine).